The latest episode of Real Talk welcomes guest Hanna Stotland, an independent education consultant

Attorneys Kristina Supler and Susan Stone converse with Hanna Stotland and discuss how students with disciplinary or academic violations have an opportunity to gain higher education.

KJK student advocates Susan Stone and Kristina Supler sit down with Hanna Stotland, an independent education consultant who specializes in crisis management. The podcast goes in-depth and discusses how students with academic or disciplinary violations can get a chance to achieve their educational dreams. The interview also addresses recent updates to the college’s application process and when students are required to disclose their disciplinary background.

Hanna Stotland emphasizes that students need to have an effective strategy to help them overcome the obstacles they may encounter during the process. The aim should be for students to show how, despite their past, they can become outstanding members of the academic community.

Real Talk Podcast – Hanna Stotland

Many once obligatory questions such as B. Criminal history questions have moved to non-standard status for several years, and so have disciplinary questions. However, there are individual colleges that can ask these questions and require students to answer them in order for their applications to be considered.

According to Stotland, less competitive colleges may not ask as many questions about past delinquency or disciplinary issues as compared to the more competitive colleges. So a lot depends on where the students apply.

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“Students and parents will find the podcast insightful, especially when they are just beginning to fill out enrollment and admissions forms for their children. The podcast attempts to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns from parents, particularly regarding criminal records and disciplinary action.” Said Real Talk podcast co-host and attorney Susan Stone.

It is important that the students are honest. Not being honest can be the worst, even worse than the underlying behavior. It is important to answer all questions truthfully, as lies and discoveries negatively affect many students academically.

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